We Love wine

My friends and I enjoy a bottle of wine every now and then. OK, maybe a little more often than now and then. I have always had a fascination with wine. In the beginning going wine tasting was a bit overwhelming. At the time my thoughts about wine involved a little snobbery. I was concerned about going to a winery or restaurant to taste wine. Oh, to order wine at a restaurant; please don't make me do the smell the cork and taste a little wine for approval. Like I knew what I was doing. (embarrassing)

In the late 70's or early 80's a local college provided extra curricular activities or day trips for adults. One of the day trips was to Callaway Winery in Temecula, CA which included the bus, a lesson on wine tasting and a BBQ. I signed up! At that time there were maybe 3 wineries in Temecula, with Callaway the only one with a tasting room. This began my adventure into wine.

These days I go wine tasting with many people throughout California. When on vacation or business trips, I try to find local wineries in other states. Which is how this web site came about, helping others to locate their next wine tasting experience at a local winery.

As you learn more about wine; it's more fun, great socializing and becames more enjoyable and less inhibiting.

I live in Southern California with 2 cats, and 2 strays cats, enjoy photography My Photography Site, avid Disney fan My Disney Site ~ I'M A WINE LOVER!

Our Values
Eat, Drink and Be Merry for Tomorrow We Live
Our Commitment
To locate wineries around the world. To taste as many wines to learn more about wine and continue to develop our palette and love of wine.

Wine Trails


Currently there are listings of wineries for parts of California, South America and Australia.

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