Wineries in canada

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We enjoy a bottle of wine every now and then. OK, maybe a little more often than now and then. We have always had a fascination with wine. In the beginning going wine tasting was a bit overwhelming. At the time we thought wine involved a little snobbery. Once we learned wine is about fun and socializing it became more enjoyable and less inhibiting.

To be honest in the beginning we only liked sweet wines. Over time our pallet developed and we began to appreciate what red wines have to offer. Now we have trouble going back to whites. Except for those few exceptions.

Wine Trails


Currently there are listings of wineries for parts of California, South America and Australia.

World Map United States Wine Region - California, Oregon, Washington, Texas, Virginia, New York South America Wine Region - Argentina Pacific Wine Region Australia, New Zealand Africa Wine Region - South Africa Europe Wine Region - France, Spain, Portugual, Italy Canada Wine Region