There are three ways for videos of your images to appear on your web site.

1. With an embedded code on your web site. Your customers are directed to your YouTube video without leaving your site. Example: above

2. A link directly from YouTube which when clicked your viewers leave your site and goes to YouTube site. Example: below

Click Briar Rose Winery - Slideshow link on

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3. Upload video to your web site. Not available on YouTube; seen by visitors to your web site only. Example: above

What We do

You probably have hundreds of photographs of your winery.  Make the most of these images.  Millions of people visit YouTube and the site’s traffic consistently falls in the top five of every online ranking system.  Posting your beautiful images on YouTube provides the ability to reach new customers by taking your winery outside of your immediate area.

A web site helps to advertise your company.  Take images of your winery to a completely new level, people are marching in droves to the web to watch video.  Once you’ve posted on YouTube, you can easily put it on your own site.

Many wineries are missing a unique opportunity to attract customers.  Don’t just take photographs of your winery and set them aside.  Get extra mileage out of them, you never know who’s watching.

Our service will merge your images together, then create a video. We will upload the video to YouTube; provide you with the embedeed code and link.

Our second service will merge your images together, then create a video FLV file. Then FLV video will then be sent to you for uploading by your web master to your site.

Pricing starting at $95.00 and no more than $125.00.

Please call for more information at:

562-947-9199 or email at


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