Should Wine Bloggers Tell the Whole Truth?

This weekend a friend RT’d on twitter an article called “Are wine bloggers only telling half the story” by Duane Pemberton.  As friends we have discussed this very subject.  Her blog reviews wines; I mostly write about my experience at the winery and the wines.  She is honest, upfront about the review of wines.  I only write about my experience at a winery if it’s positive.  It’s always amazing when staff at a winery is so rude.  And you want me to purchase wine?  And tell others to visit the winery?

Neither one of us are bloggers who receive free wine or free wine tastings.  She agrees with the writer, Duane, “doing a disservice to wine drinkers everywhere” to not write good and bad reviews.  I view it as wanting to promote good wineries to visit.

The issue I have with wine reviews is people’s palates are different.  What one person thinks is a good wine, another may not.  Has that bloggers palate developed enough to fairly review a wine?

If wine bloggers only review wine in a positive light just for free wine.  Then yes, they are doing a disservice to wine drinkers.  If bloggers only review wine in a positive light to promote good wine, free or not, is that really a disservice to wine drinkers?  No, with thousands of wines to choose, it points the wine drinker in the right direction of what to try.

For a conference to advise wine bloggers to only review in order to receive “free wine”, that is a disservice to wine drinkers and bloggers of all kinds.  I see a huge red flag with a conference who wants their attendees to be taken seriously by wineries and media types.  Then announce to only write positive reviews in order to receive free wine.  Wonder if Duane and I would be welcomed at the next conference after criticizing their suggestion of good reviews for free wine.

I believe how a wine blog is written should be a personal choice.  I just feel comfortable writing about a positive experience.  I see the other side who write both types of reviews, they want to be open to their readers.  I like personal choices.

On the wine reviews I have done, two friends come over to taste and review with me.  Out tastes vary on occasion.  We believe this gives a broader view of a wine.

I was asked by a winery to write a description for one of their new wines.  It was very difficult as the three of us did not care for the wine.  It was a nice wine, just a little flat for our tastes.  We had to be honest in our description without criticizing the wine.  This was a description, after all, not a review.  They did not use the description we came up with, not very lively and inviting to taste, I guess.  But we stayed true to ourselves.

I’ve had this thought for months to write about wine twitter pages and wine blogs critiquing their selection of background and color.  There are some out there that are hideous.   I wanted to do this to help, but have held back due to worrying about repercussions.

With Duane’s article I started to wonder how open twitters and bloggers would feel about a negative review of their creation.  Your twitter and blog pages do say something about you.  You want the viewer, like a taster, to find what you present to be palatable.

I mean… Really?  Looking at a red background or sidebar with light red text.   Really?  That’s readable? 

Really?  That is a lovely shade of blue; but not on a computer display screen.  I’m almost going blind.

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen – Harry S. Truman 33rd President of the United States.

And if anyone would like to send free wine, I’d be happy for my little group to review

Underground Restaurant – The M Group

A few weekends ago someone whispers in my ear, ‘Have you been to The M Group?’  I never heard of the place and wanted to know more. 

Well, let’s just call this an ‘underground restaurant’ the best kept secret in Murrieta/Temecula.  Chef Marty is your culinary host, entertainer and teacher during the almost 3 hour cooking demo.Chef Marty

At The M Group you will experiene a whirlwind of culinary interactive learning and bliss of your palate as you taste each course.  With limited seating of 24 you need to reserve your seat right away.

On a Saturday night I drove along Highway 15; getting off at Murrieta Hot Springs, then turning here and there.  Finally making my way into an industrial park; ok, this is underground.  Finally arriving at the end of a cul-de-sac on the right were several offices.  Found parking in the back is best; with The M Group on the right side of the building, if looking from the street.

Walking in I’m greeted by 2 lovely ladies, scurrying around preparing for the event.  Seeing me they stop, greeted me so warmly as if I have known them for years.

Learned my seat location, I walked into a very small and cozy room.  In front is a fully supplied kitchen with Chef Marty prepping and interacting with his guests.  The friendly, not crowded with 50 or more people made for a more personal experience.

Table wine is provided with your culinary experience, although you are more than welcome to bring your own wine.   The menu changes for each class.  On this night it was Hot August Nights!  Below is each course.


Hot August Nights! 
Proud Mary and the Boys — Chef Martin’s fun twist to turn Bloody Marys into appetizers
Shaved Zucchini Salad with Pine Nuts and Parmesan 
Seared Salmon Sliders with Pickled Red Onions
Marinated Beef and Chicken Kebabettes with Cilantro – Arugula Pesto
Gingered Kiwi Sorbet

You are given recipes of each course, to review as the cooking takes place.  I love the fact I can take home the recipes and try myself.

Chef Marty started with his version of a shrimp cocktail, called Proud Mary and the Boys.  Chef Marty made this course, explained each step; then we were served the dish by Monica and Rhonda, the ladies who greets each guest.  This continued through each course. 

I enjoyed that Chef Marty was open to discussion while cooking.  He even asked after each course, how you would make this dish different.  This chef truly loves what he is doing.

Chef Marty is working on a new menu; a tribute to his friends at the restaurant ‘Windows on the World’.  This will be on Sept. 11th and 18th of 2010; “Windows on the World” An evening of tribute; as Chef Marty says we have to celebrate their lives.

If you are looking for a culinary experience to please your palate, be entertained, have a social evening and learn a little about cooking, you must give The M Group a try.

Beets, Cheeks and Jalapeno – Variety in Taste

It’s a very long drive from L.A. near the Orange County border to Paso Robles. Well worth the 4 hour drive to find excellent wineries with some of the best wines.

After my second trip which included stopping at a restaurant in downtown Paso Robles, my thoughts are a long drive for great food – worth it? Well, if you include wine tasting and enjoying a fabulous meal the answer is YES!

At one of the wineries someone mention Thomas Hill Organics Market Bistro and Wine Bar. The menu changes weekly and all food are from the area around Paso Robles. The beef is from grass fed livestock and free range poultry.

Thomas Hill Organics has a great wine list, however, I’d reach my limit.  I decided to just have an ice tea with my meal.  The selection of salads were amazing, it was hard to choose. Except I love beets. I’ve made a beet salad a couple of times at home. Very messy and just don’t bother to make the effort. I gave their beet salad a try that turned into a wonderful start of a fabulous meal. The salad had red and yellow beets; with citrus, strawberries and field greens. A nice Miso Vinaigrette with Sesame Brittle. The brittle was interesting, gave the salad a nice crunch.

For the main course I almost went with the Duck; it sounded glorious. I was fascinated by the Tamarind Glazed Halibut Cheeks, never had them. When I asked the server, she recommended them. But what really sold on the Halibut Cheeks was another guest overheard and said they were marvelous. Plus I love Bok Choy, Yum! And with Coconut Bok Choy and smoked Shitake Mushrooms how could I go wrong.
The meal arrived in a white bowl, with the Halibut Cheeks floating on top the Bok Choy and Shitake Mushrooms. Now I know why Halibut Cheeks are the favorite of fishermen. These were lovely, tender morsels of fish on the palate. When you have good food, it’s like tasting good wine – this time instead of wine nirvana I was in food nirvana.

I don’t know if it was the mushrooms or just in the dish, every once in a while I’d get a little spicy taste. It was perfect, I love spicy food. However, for those that don’t, this was just perfect, just a hint of spicy.

OK, on budget so wasn’t going to have dessert. But really you have to tempt me with Crème Brulee. Not just Crème Brulee; but what? Jalapeno Crème Brulee, are you kidding me? I was a little nervous about this one, but the whole meal turned into an adventure. Oh, just go for it. My dessert arrived at the table, such a faint hint of jalapeno, not to overwhelm. My favorite part cracking open the Crème Brulee, to reveal a lovely silky custard. A nice finish to a incredible meal.

I loved the ambience of the restaurant, with your choice of inside or outside in a closed patio. I’m not a big fan of patio seating right on a street or where people walk by. I thought I saw someone cook a pizza in the stone fireplace on the patio. There were some interesting pizzas, like Grilled Meyer Lemon Pizza.

The chef is Julie Simon who was born in France. I think her unusual flavor combinations are intriguing that make for an excellent adventure that comes to life in the palate.
My only issue with the restaurant is the service was a bit slow for my taste. But I was alone, so it was probably more noticeable to me. The servers were friendly and very attentive to your needs, even the hostess would drop by to see how things were.

The Adventure in Discovering L’Aventure Winery

I made my list of wineries to visit, checked it twice and headed off to Paso Robles for the day.  Awakening before the sun to make my 4 hour drive, cruising along the freeway listening to my XM Radio.  I continued to slice my way through busy traffic of downtown L.A.   Finally reaching a little open space to just cruise, anticipating my visiting various wineries and experience their wines.

I finally arrived in the area a little past 10:30am.  On the way I was trying to decide which winery to stop at first.  Either way both had exceptional wines.  But this article isn’t about those wineries; I will post my experience in a future post.

When I visit a winery with exceptional wines or at least to my taste, I ask for recommendations of other wineries in the area.  After my third visit to a winery I was told for the second time to visit L’Aventure.  The owner and winemaker Stephan Asseo toured the world to find the best place to grow his grapes and make the wine he wanted to create.  Can I say the location and wine is – HEAVEN!

Talk about hard to find, even my GPS took me in the wrong direction.  Off of Hwy 46, turn onto Arbor Road, curve onto Live Oak Road, then good luck.  Continue down the road into a small residential area, watch for children playing; continue to the dirt road and keep on driving.  Eventually on the dirt road you will make your way to the gates of L’Aventure Winery.

As you drive through the gates a clearing will appear where you will find the winery.  The huge winery is dwarfed by the high rolling hills of vines surrounding the winery and tasting room.  Sad to say after my incredible wine tasting here, I totally forgot to take photographs.

On the side of the winery wall is a painting by the French artist Erwin Dazelle.  Red wine is flowing across the wall as it’s welcoming you to a unique wine experience.

Stepping inside the tasting room you will find a small counter and on this day, probably most days, a friendly tasting associate.  The tasting room is open Thursday through Sunday, from 11:00am to 4:00 pm, accepting appointments the other days.  Tastings are $10.00, for 5 wines; includes a stemless Riedel ‘O’ Syrah wine glass. 

The tasting room appears small for a winery that is or should be popular and overflowing with tasters.  My tasting was on a Thursday and near the end of the day, so not to many people.  I wondered if this place is overcrowded during the weekends.  All wines on this menu were blends of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Petit Verdot, Mourvedre and Grenache; with most being estate wines.

L’Aventure slogan is ‘Where Bordeaux Meets the Rhone’ I don’t know if they met, but each wine exceeded my expectations.  My tasting began with the Estate Rose, and then continuing to the more traditional blended reds.  Each tasting was such a joy and the wine better than the one before.

I ended up purchasing the Estate Cuvee 2007; a blend of 49% Estate Syrah, 37% Estate Cabernet and 14% Petit Verdot.  I was so excited about this wine, while still at L’Aventure, I called my friends to purchase pork tenderloin or hearty New YPaso Robles Horseork steaks; told them I’d be over with the wine that weekend.

My next trip to Paso Robles will include L’Aventure with no detours away from this lovely out of the way spot.   And it seems I will not be alone, my friends are ready for a wine adventure to L’Aventure.  I’ll bring my camera next, although I did take these images just before the dirt road. 

If you are in the Paso Robles area, be sure to visit L’Aventure Winery at 2815 Live Oak Rd.,

Taste of the Tour with Malibu Family Wines

I’ve never had a reason to visit the Malibu area until I learned there were wineries in the area.  Driving through the narrow country canyon roads of Malibu, I discovered a wilderness in this metropolitan area.  Who knew Malibu was more than just a famous beach where famous people enjoy the sun. 

What a wonderful day I had attending the ‘Taste of the Tour’ hosted by Malibu Family Wines.  The weather was sunny, warm but not too hot, a fabulous selection of food and Malibu Wines flowing for all their guests.  The event was Amgen Tour of California and to help benefit Amgen’s Breakaway from Cancer. 

The setting at Saddlerock Ranch was perfect.  In one area was a large open grassy area with scattered trees on the side for those who wanted shade.  Surrounding the large grassy lawn you could find restaurants serving up some of the best food around.  At the end of the grassy lawn a huge JumboTron streaming live the Amgen bicycle race through downtown Los Angeles.  People were having a wonderful time enjoying the wine, food, DJ, watching the race and just enjoying a beautiful California day.

Saddlerock Ranch hosts many wedding and private parties.  And why not with the rolling hills surrounded by vineyards, the small lakes with horses playing and even a small zoo of various animals. 

If you live in the Los Angeles area, give Malibu wines a try.

Sniff a Glass of Wine to Good Health

What could be more natural than breathing?  You might be amazed to learn that most people don’t know that breathing — an act that we do some 20,000 times each day — can deeply influence your health and happiness on many levels. Some proponents of deep breathing recognize the connection between stress and breathing as well.

Even alternative health icon Dr. Andrew Weil says: “If I had to limit my advice on healthier living to just one tip, it would be simply to learn how to breathe correctly.

Breathing has been long considered essential for maintaining chi, the life-force energy of Eastern cultural traditions. Only more recently, however, have Americans begun to embrace the wisdom of taking a deep breath.

“Breathing incorrectly can produce tension, exhaustion and vocal strain, interfere with athletic activity and encourage aches and illnesses,” says Nancy Zi, a Glendale, Calif.-based breathing expert and author of the book and video set, “The Art of Breathing.” Breathe correctly, however, and you can “melt away tension and stress, improve energy or simply relax and unwind.”

Here’s what happens: Breathing oxygenates every cell of your body, from your brain to your vital organs. Without sufficient oxygen, your body becomes more susceptible to health problems.  

In contrast, deep breathing raises levels of blood oxygen, promoting health in many ways — from stimulating the digestive process to improving fitness and mental performance.  

So it makes me wonder, when we take those deep sniffs to gather the aroma of a glass of wine, then exhale to continue the process – are we gaining side benefits during wine tasting.   Another reason to say cheers and have a glass of wine.

Of course, with the repetition of swirling the glass will this cause carpal tunnel?

Four Vines and a Glass of Wine

Farmstand 46

If you are ever in the Paso Robles/Templeton area wine tasting, get on Highway 46.  Then make certain your car heads right to Four Vines Tasting Room, they will not disappoint. 

The tasting room is between Anderson Rd and Vineyard Dr.  When you see the windmill with the sign Farmstand 46, turn the car immediately into the parking lot.  In front of the tasting room is a little sandwich shop, called Farmstand 46.  I should not have eaten before hand, the menu looked mighty fine.  They serve gourmet, healthy food made from the freshest ingredients.  Just ignore the word “healthy”. 

On the menu slow cooked pork shoulder or salami, cappicola, mortadella and aged provolone with roasted red peppers or even try the roast beef, aged cheddar, red pepper, grilled sweet onion and horseradish.  These and more sandwiches are made to order, with a couple of pre-made sandwiches and salads and wood fire pizza!  Although be aware their menu changes seasonally.  Go to for a menu.  There slogan “Never eat more than you can lift”

On the left side behind the restaurant the Four Vines tasting room is located.  Nice little tables outside for relaxing, enjoying their wine and a pleasant view of a vineyard.   As you first walk in the tasting room, you will notice the funky, cool red light fixtures.  The lights set the mood for a fun, funky and elegant tasting.

Four Vines Tasting Room

Their tastings are served in a Riedel crystal wine glass; which you can keep.  If you have never tasted wine in a Riedel glass; it is a treat.  The wine glass can make such difference in the wine.  Although the Four Vines wines need no help.

You have your choice of 6 different logos on the Riedel wine glass.  I went for ZinBitch.  I love the descriptions of their wines.  Fun and informative.  I’m glad to know their 2008 “Naked” Chardonnay ‘has not seen any oak, nor does it want to.’

Did not try the Chardonnay, went right into the 2007 ‘Maverick’ Zinfandel brought memories of my childhood watching James Garner as Bret Maverick.  They were right – it was a Jam Bomb of mischievous fun.  It was quite lovely and smooth.  I purchase a couple of bottles of this one.

Although it was difficult to decide between all the wines I experienced at Four Vines.  If you are looking for a Malbec, give theirs a try, it will not disappoint you.   Aromas of rich currant, blackberry, cherry on the nose.  A very nice long finish.  I very much enjoyed their ‘Anarchy’ blend of Zinfandel, Syrah and Mourvedre; rich fruit and very velvety.

The tasting room staff is energetic, friendly and very knowledgeable about their wines.  The staff is more than happy to direct you to other great wineries in the area.   The staff in a tasting just as important as the wines – if you don’t have a nice experience in the tasting room, are the wines really that important. 

Four Vines makes wine fun, while still being sophisticated without snobbery.  I’ll be heading back to Paso Robles area probably next week; I’ll have to make a stop a Four Vines.

Four Vines/Farmstand 46

Artisanal Cheese the Disney Way

On one of my trips to the Disney Food and Wine Festival I noticed on the schedule a wine and cheese pairing.  Being a lover of cheese I was intrigued, even more so when wine is involved.

Standing in lining for about 45 minutes, just to get the tickets I began to wonder if the cheese was worth my time.   Once the ticket was purchased and allowed in to sit down we find 3 pieces of cheeses and 3 wines.   

Well, my attitude changed when our presenter began to tell her story.  Barrie Lynn is bubbly and enthusiastic about cheese which rolled through her audience to all of our delight.  Then Barrie the ‘The Cheese Impresario’ began to explain the first cheese and exactly how to taste.  ‘The Cheese Impresario’ took cheese to a whole new level.  I love when a glass of wine take me to what I call a wine nirvana.  Barrie and her cheese tasting techniquecheese and wine pairing took me to cheese nirvana.

The next time you have a nice slice of cheese first smell the cheese, just like a glass of wine has aromas, so does cheese.  Then take a small bite of cheese, create a highway of cheese on your tongue.  Sip a nicely paired wine, as the wine rolls over the cheese notice the incredible difference.    The taste as the wine mingled with the cheese was like fireworks on the Fourth of July.  It was amazing, how Barrie’s technique for tasting cheese with the perfect pairing of wine can make such a difference.

The first cheese we experienced was from Sid Cook, from Carr Valley Cheese Company, a Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker, who is a rock and roll star in the world of artisanal cheese.  According to the literature, provided by Barrie Lynn, Sid is the most awarded cheesemaker on the planet.. a fine artist whose medium is cheese.  We were served his Airco – cow, goat and sheep’s milk; a hickory-smoked cheese.  It was paired with a 2007 Rosenthal the Malibu Estate Chardonnay.

Our next cheese was from Roth Kase from Monroe, Wisconsin, a vintage Van Gogh, Gouda aged a minimum of 6 months to create a golden color and rich flavor with undertones of caramel and coffee.  Paired so well with a 2007 Kenwood Sonoma County Merlot.

Our last sample was a 2003 Rosenthal The Malibu Estate Cabernet Sauvignon paired with Widmer’s Cheese Cellars 6 year Cheddar.  Joe Widmer the Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker is one of only 44 Wisconsin Master Cheesemakers who have passed the state’s rigorous standards… much like a Master Sommelier.  Joe describes this 6 year old cheddar as “a burst of flavor, nutty, intense, a bit crumbly and without that bitter bite sharp cheddars often have.”  This cheddar is smooth as silk.

This was one of the best seminars Disney provided; it was fun, informative and gave me a new appreciation of cheese.  If you ever have the opportunity to go to a seminar by The Cheese Impresario, do not pass up the opportunity to expand your enjoyment of cheese and wine.

 Please check out the wines paired with the cheeses, wonderful with the cheeses, just as enjoyable on their own.  I just learned of the Rosenthal Malibu Estate wines, I’m quickly becoming a fan.

Looking for a winery?  See

Disney’s Food and Wine from Malibu to the Russian River

Disney’s California Adventure is hosting their annual Food and Wine Festival to the end of May.  Various wineries have scheduled seminars which include wine tasting.  Hopping in my car I took a trek down to Disneyland to see what was happening.

Heading over to the wine tasting area there were two wine seminars which interested me.  One was Malibu Family Wines, really a winery in Malibu!  You just thought Malibu was the place where the movie and TV stars lived. 

The winery is nestled in Malibu’s Santa Monica Mountains; a 1,000 acre ranch called Saddlerock.    The vineyard has approximately 60,000 vines on 65 acres, with eight varietals planted; they include Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah, Malbec, Grenache, Mouvedre and Viognier. 

Tami Semler the representative during the wine session was the perfect choice, not only the vineyard manager, but the daughter of the owner.  I believe she said the acres were originally purchased in 1979 to grow avocados.  Due to freeze and various other conditions, the decision was made to grow grapes.  There are still sections of the property that grows avocados which may end up on your plate.  She mentioned sitting on top of the Santa Monica Mountains the grapes receive the hot days and cold night which is perfect conditions for wine grapes.  Fog rolling in brings a reminiscent of Napa.

Intriguing was the mention of their Ice Wine coming out sometime in June.    The Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier grapes were frozen later pressed in to a golden ice wine.  I can’t wait to visit with my camera and give it a try.

The Malibu Family presented for our tasting three wines.  First up was the Sauvignon Blanc, aged in barrels, very light wonderful summer wine; with a tropical, lemon citrus on the palate.  I’m not a fan of the New Zealand grassy Sauvignon Blanc, nice with food.  This Malibu Sauvignon Blanc great when sitting on the patio enjoying the summer days.

Tami then presented the Saddlerock 2007 Pinot Noir which won Gold in the San Francisco Chronicle.  These grapes came from the Central Coast where the Malibu winemaker came up with a delicious Pinot Noir with tastes of cloves, raspberry and tea leaves.

Moving on to their Semler Cabernet Sauvignon 2005!  The best year for wine 2005 with all the weather conditions that happened that year.  Has some tannins, but wonderful plum and raspberry flavors danced on my palate.

If you are in the Los Angeles area you must give this winery a try.  Visit their web site at

About an hour later Richard de los Reyes presented his wines from Row Eleven.  His wine was named after the actual row in the vineyard the grapes were found.  This may not be the case for the wines I tried, but what a unique name.  Richard discussed how in the same varietal the grapes can be better in one spot as opposed to another row in the vineyard.  The water may drain better in one spot, the angel of the hill, etc.

Row Eleven was founded in 2004 producing three wine brands – Row Eleven, Stratton Lummis and Civello.  They do not have a tasting room or vineyard.

Richard searches for the best grapes throughout Santa Barbara to Sonoma, within a 30 minute range for the grapes to be crushed.  It is not ideal for grapes to sit in a hot truck for hours, to reach the facility for crushing.  He looks for the best grapes, best facilities and perfect barrels for his winemaking.

Row Eleven is only Pinot Noir, as Richard likes the challenge of making wine from these grapes.  Although the movie Sideways made the Pinot Noir very popular, Richard feels there will be no exceptional Pinot in his lifetime.  This does not stop him from making a mighty fine bottle of Pinot.

In our tastings first was the 2007 Vinas 3 Pinot Noir, like cherry pie in a bottle with a silky smooth long finish. 

The next wine presented the 2007 Russian River Pinot Noir.  The wine was aged for 13 months in two to four year old French oak barrels.   Right now it’s going through bottle shock and will be ready in 6 months.  This Pinot on the palate brings more red cherries with hints of bacon and elegant finish.

Last but not least the 2006 Santa Maria Pinot Noir, these grapes came from 4 different vineyards.   Lovely dark cherries, spice and heavy smoke flavors.  I could even smell the smoky aromas.  The Santa Maria Pinot is a little heavier than the other two, a Pinot Noir nirvana.

As Row Eleven does not have a tasting room, please visit their web site to find their wines.

The Awful Truth About Chardonnay

When I first started going out with the girls, I didn’t know what to order.  I followed along and ordered Chardonnay wine.  Sting, burn and bite hit my palate like a bomb.  After a couple of glasses the taste was barely noticeable.

Harvey Wallbanger

Harvey Wallbanger

Over time I began to discover other drinks, Margaritas, Harvey Wallbangers, etc.  Anything fruity worked nicely for me.  I vowed never to have that white wine again!

 As I began my trip back to wine, I’d try and give Chardonnay a chance.  I just didn’t enjoy this much loved wine.  After all, Chardonnay is the number one white wine in America.  I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me.  I pretty much stayed away from the wine.

One day I walked into Cambria winery in Santa Maria, CA.  Their wine list was full of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.  I love a good Pinot Noir, but decided to go outside my comfort zone.  I gave their Chardonnay’s a try.  It was magic!  I never had a Chardonnay with such flavors with complexity and the perfect balance of acidity. 

Then I stopped at Riverbench Winery who had a selection of 4 Chardonnay’s to choose.  Again, these Chardonnay’s were not like any I’ve ever tasted.


I began to wonder what happened for such a change.  Then I realized that most bars and restaurants do a great disservice to Chardonnay.  These establishments serve cheap white wine/Chardonnay to their customers.  It’s a shame that with such a wonderful, exciting wine most newbie wine drinkers have cheap Chardonnay served to them in bars.

Please keep trying Chardonnay, one day like me, you will find the wonders of the glass.

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